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It’s Time for a Change.

Monetize unproductive rooftops and parking garages.

Increase cash flow. Rethink tenant relationships.

The Emergent Energy Approach

Emergent Energy is a rapidly growing solar infrastructure company that provides end-to-end financing, installation, and maintenance of solar energy systems.

We Invest in
Your Properties.

Integrating power production assets with your property is an investment in the future. Generate industry-leading returns through our Solar PPA Programs.

Take Control of
Your Energy.

Remove volatility. Create transparency and predictability in your electricity costs.

Generate Sustainable & Renewable Energy.

Created at the point of consumption, commercial solar arrays mitigate substantial grid infrastructure investments and meet your corporate ESG goals.

Benefits of Solar Arrays


Potential Electricity Cost Savings

1,700 lbs 

CO2 and equivalent SAVED per megawatt hour produced by solar

9 months

Approximate timeline to design & install

We offer our services to commercial property owners and tenants at no cost, so you can stop worrying about your electricity spend and start thinking about your bottom line. Benefits of working with Emergent Energy include no out-of-pocket expenditures, no ongoing maintenance costs, and an end-to-end process with a single point of contact for seamless communication. We work across the southern US, including Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Arizona.


How it Works

We make solar easy, so you’ll get cleaner energy at a better price.

Site Visit

After a review of your buildings' electricity usage and a site visit, we create a plan to clearly explain the benefits. 

System Design

We will create 3D renderings & detailed electrical schematics so you understand exactly what is installed and where.

Turnkey Installation

Our partners and subject matter experts collaborate to minimize disruption on the property and ensure positive results.

Maintain & Support

We monitor the solar array to ensure peak operational efficiency and dispatch technicians to address issues.

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