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The Emergent Way

Our unique approach provides solar's benefits without the upfront costs and with all the financial incentives. Our turnkey service handles the complexities of design/engineering, permitting, financing, installation, and maintenance. We want you to focus on what you do best: deliver amazing outcomes for patients and their families.

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Reduced Energy Spend

As a large energy user, solar arrays will reduce energy costs by generating clean, renewable electricity onsite. These cost savings can be used to improve patient care, invest in new equipment, or other strategic initiatives.


Enhance Patient Experiences

Solar provides quiet onsite power, creating a more peaceful environment for patients. Because solar panels have no emissions, the local air quality will improve, an important benefit for patients with respiratory issues.

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Community Engagement

Be a leader in educating and empowering the next generation of care providers by using solar as an educational tool, showcasing the benefits of clean energy to patients and the community.


Energy Independence

Solar arrays provide a local, independent energy source, maintaining a reliable energy supply during power outages or disruptions. Keep serving patients and running essential operations during crises.

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