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Solar Panel Roof

Take control of your energy supply, reduce your operating expenses, and help the world transition from fossil fuel electricity.

It Is Time to Go Solar

Why Go Solar?

CapEx-Free, NOI-Add

Because Emergent Energy finances the solar array, our CapEx-free, NOI-add program increases your property's cash flow by monetizing icurrently unproductive rooftop and parking deck sq footage. 

Cost Cutting

Reduce electricity spend and create transparency and predictability into your energy costs. Hedge against unforeseeable and volatile energy prices through a Solar PPA program.

Positive Environmental Impact

Solar power is renewable generating electricity for decades without additional materials required. Because it does not emit GHG, it decreases urban smog. ​ Onsite production reduces the need for new transmission lines.

Meet Corporate ESG Goals

By utilizing onsite solar, you will demonstrate a sustainability commitment and reduce carbon footprint.​ Solar installations create jobs and support local communities, contributing to social goals. Demonstrate responsible governance .

Installing Solar Panels
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